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Hive Networks People Orientation
At HV-Net open work culture where considerable flexibility and freedom are given to the people in order to bring out their best creativity and productivity.  We continuously give them opportunities for their skill development and exposure to the new technologies, through internal and external training programs.  We provide inter-group mobility for optimal utilization of the experience and the expertise of the people.  We believe in and practice trust and transparency among the people and the management.


In the Information Technology industry, the biggest challenge today is the selection and retention of people.  The management knows the aspirations of the young professionals and provides a congenial atmosphere for them to work in the high technology areas and state of the art development environment.  Our HRD Group plans for the career development of our people and offer challenging overseas assignments.  We are providing not only the industry standard remuneration to our people, but also plan for productivity-based incentives, service longevity bonus and employees stock option for the achievers.